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Oy! What a day!

 It started last night as I was talking to a friend until all hours. I kind of had to, he has no one else to talk to. He kept me up until about three in the morning; I kept myself up longer looking at stuff I couldn't concentrate on while chatting. It was after five when I got to bed, but I couldn't sleep at first.

Then I had to get up an hour earlier than usual to make an appointment for a telephone job interview. I think it went well, except that I need a Windows PC for the job and my computer is running under Linux. (It's probably not powerful enough for 7, even if I could afford it.) Apparently this is not a show-stopper, they can wait until I have a PC running 7 and I can start then. I don't have money for a new computer. Anyway, she'll email me her decision in a couple of days.

Then I was up working on my computer, feeling pretty tired. I made a pot of tea and kept myself going, but about three I faded out; I dozed off in my computer chair until about four. I gave up; I finished up what I was doing, then shut down my computer and went and took a nap. I set the clock on my cell phone to alarm at about five thirty.

I don't bathe during the weekend because my brother has a habit of turning on the taps in other parts of the house and changing the temperature of the shower on me. On Monday, I need a bath. At five thirty I got up, put my soap on the shower ledge and my towel on the rack, set a new pair of slippers by the tub, (my old ones were worn out), stepped into the shower...

And then I noticed that the bath tub drain was stopped-up. From what I could tell, it had been clogged since yesterday. I tried flushing the toilet and thank goodness the water in the bathtub didn't move. (I got out into my old slippers, they were worn out anyway.) I washed the dishes so that I could pour drain cleaner down the kitchen sink; sure enough, the water in the bathtub rose. This was no surprise, it had happened many times before. I bailed-out the tub, (into the toilet), then poured half a bottle of drain cleaner into the kitchen sink and the other half into the tub drain. I left it for a full half hour, then poured water down the kitchen sink; it still backed-up into the tub.

By this time my brother was home. I don't like it when my brother helps me with dirty stuff like this, he never washes his hands. He observed the situation. I told him what I'd done that far and that I was going to go after dinner and get more drain cleaner. If a second attempt didn't get the drain to run freely, we'd just have to get a plumber to snake it out. He showed me that we had Draino crystals, something I hadn't known. But to use those, the standing water had to be removed. So I started bailing out the tub again, into the toilet, which caused it to flush. Suddenly, the tub drained!

I hate plumbing. Really, I truly hate it.

I used the crystals anyway, just to make sure. The tub drain was still a bit slow. Then I sprayed it with Fantastik and hosed off loose whonk with the shower head. Much to my annoyance, my brother had left the tub controls set to shower; I got my head soaked when I turned the water on. Next I scrubbed it with Vim, the kind with bleach, and rinsed that off, too. The tub continued to drain pretty well, (which is the best we really hope for with it.) Then I washed my hands -- thoroughly -- and made dinner. Afterwards, I advised my brother to use the bathroom just in case, then took a long shower to get the weekend's stink off and finally clean my feet. Feeling clean at last, I went and booted my computer; sure enough, I'd hardly gotten it going when my long-winded friend called...

Sleeping in tomorrow seems like the best option for this little otter!

UPDATE -- I didn't get the job. Darn! (17/AU/2011)
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