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Quick Update to What A Day

When last we left... um... me, I was having trouble with the plumbing and my printer had failed. The shower has more-or-less behaved itself since then and I found out what was wrong with the printer.

My problem as such is that I'm using Linux and HP is the only printer company that really supports it. That's not a big deal, since I have an HP printer... except that I thought it was failing. So finding a new one was a little more complicated than it would be for Windows or Mac. Now HP publish a program called "hplip" which handles printer drivers for Linux. To be sure I had the best chance to find a printer for which I had a driver, I tried to download the latest version... and ran straight into dependency hell. That's the main disadvantage to Linux; to install this you need that, to install that you need those things, to install a couple of them you need the latest version of something else... There are installer programs for Linux that are supposed to take care of that automagically, but they don't always work. I like to use one called KPackageKit because it has a graphical interface, (unlike apt-get or Aptitude which require you to muck about in command line mode.) It could only show me the version of hplip that I already had. However, it also showed me a few extra bits and pieces for hplip, so I installed them anyway.

One of those bits and pieces turned out to be a graphic interface for my current printer driver, which told me there was a problem with one of my inkjet cartridges. I swapped out the colour cartridge first; almost immediately the paper jam light stopped blinking and the printer reported itself ready to go! So the problem was a dodgy ink cartridge all along! Now I just wish I'd had that HP Device Manager installed earlier, it would have saved me grief.

Unfortunately, I still can't print. Both my black and colour ink cartridges are short of ink. I'll have to find a source of cheap HP#15 and #17 cartridges. Or at least #15 so I can print text, like my resume and weekly shopping list. And that's the other thing; those two cartridges are getting hard to find. Future Shop has an HP Deskjet 3050 on sale for $49.99, which is about what I'd pay for the two cartridges for my old Deskjet 842C, if I can find them. I've already had my old cartridges refilled two or three times. So I'm thinking that, when I can, it's time for a new printer anyway for this little otter.
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