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To The Occupy Movement

All over the world cities and universities are declaring they've had enough of the protest. They're passing legislation to put limits on what you're allowed to do in public parks and sending in the police to evict the protesters. So far, most of the evictions have been non-violent; I'm actually shocked at the restraint which most police departments have shown. Occupy Toronto actually got a stay of eviction by challenging it in court, but the court upheld city hall; most of the protesters are leaving quietly, some might give the Toronto Police Department an excuse to G20 them after all. Face it, protests don't work. They didn't change anything in the 60s and they're not changing anything today. No, if the Occupy Movement started anything, it's going to be underground, person-to-person, where hopefully the Corporatii can't corrupt it.

Here's my toast to the Occupy Movement. If I could play guitar, it might be on Youtube instead, but I can't, so here are the lyrics.
I Ain't A-Marchin' Anymore (3rd Millenium Edition)
(Tune by Phil Ochs)

Oh we marched in London and we marched in Cologne
In Seattle we let our voices roar
But then they met our calls to God
By sending in the riot squad
And I ain't a-marchin' anymore

We had injuries in Vancouver and in Salzburg we had dead
In Montreal they made the tear gas soar
While riots stirred-up by the Blues
Just kept the issues off the news
And I ain't a-marchin' anymore

    Well must we press facts
    Through violent acts
    Or blow something up one day
    If you look at me son
    Down the barrel of a gun
    At least you'll see what I say

But the cops beat us bloody and the media call us fools
And the meetings find us easy to ignore
So go be Martin Luther King
You won't achieve a God-damned thing
And I ain't a-marchin' anymore
No, I ain't a-marchin' anymore
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